I have recently worked with Beth and was simply delighted. The piece sounded just like me, only better. Beth is an extraordinary editor and can add that extra polish to articles, blog posts, web content and more. She knows how to keep true to the voice of the client while elevating the effectiveness of the communication piece. Use her, people!
— Anne Cizek McColl, Founder, Copywriter, Best D@mn Copywriter
I appreciate your level of work, the quick turn-around, and your dedication to maintaining my voice. I am not (ever) satisfied with what I create. You helped me fulfill the potential of my project. Yes, you provide the polish and the safety net but more deeply, you brought justice to what was possible. You helped me towards satisfaction (which is in short supply in my writing world)… AND there’s something deeper. In addition to the fact that you made my brilliance come across the way I intended by using both your training and humanness, there was more.
— Rebecca Tall Brown, Founder, Marketing Strategist, Tri-line Marketing
Her attention to shaping a piece is remarkable.
— Karen Van Dyke, Founder, CSA, Senior Care by Design
Finding Beth completely changed the course of finishing my first book. Not only did she understand exactly why I was writing the book, and for whom, she understood my voice. Using her majestic editing skills, she transformed my words to sound more ‘like me.’ Keeping me accountable to my deadlines and always adding an encouraging message, she made the turbulent process of writing more enjoyable.
— Lisa Dadd, author of Finding Fabulous
Beth came highly recommended to me by a good writer friend who said she is the only person she trusts to take her work to the next level. She was right. Everyone talks about her in the writing community as the best editor out there. Her suggestions and changes make editing fun because it takes a piece and adds a shine to it that you never knew was there. If anyone you know invents a duplicator, please send it to Beth. We need more of her in the writing world.
— Amy Geremia Wall
Beth’s passion for writing and sensitivity to maintaining an author’s voice makes her a wonderful copy editor. Her work on complex projects in particular has been exceptional, and I have valued Beth’s expertise and dependability in the many times we’ve worked together.
— Monika Dziamka, Project Editor at Cognella Academic Publishing
Beth is a wonderful editor that takes the time with each project to make sure the words are meeting their objectives - whether that’s to inform, inspire, sell, or something in between. For each project, we’ve set a clear objective and scope, and Beth has nailed it every time. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a high-value editor.
— Leah Prehn, Co-Founder at Office of Awesome
… holy crap, you are a genius!!!
— Aparna Vashist-Rota, Director of Marketing, Alliant International University
She does all of my editing. Only editor that I’ve ever worked with that made the message pop and still kept my tone and voice. Website, marketing, contracts, documentation, blogs. I’m getting ready to start two books and hoping she’ll have time to do those too.
— Christine Flora, Founder/CEO, Symnoian, LLC
Beth Riley is a ‘writer’s editor,’ a consummate professional who understands the writing process with a deep respect for the writers she edits.

For any author to turn over her beloved content to an editor is a tenuous nail-biting experience at best. Questions abound. Will the person hear my message? Will they edit my voice out of my content? Will they use a sharp knife and biopsy the story until it no longer represents its former self? Or ...

Will they deliver my book or content, my creatively inspired ‘child,’ back into my hands intact, healed, whole, and better?

Beth Riley is the latter kind of editor. Disciplined and a professional well trained in her craft, she has an intuitive heart for stories and the people who write them.

I, as a writing coach, confidently refer my clients to her, and she has never disappointed me or them. Beth has helped each writer feel more self-assured in their work and better prepared to submit their manuscript to agents and/or publishers. If not that, each manuscript is returned, ready for layout and indie publishing. I, myself, will continue to refer my clients to no one else and certainly, I would never write a book without her.
— Candace Conradi, Author, Speaker, and Writing Coach
Our clients demand that the written work we provide—Web copy, email communications, blog content, etc.—is exceptional. That means the message is clear, concise, compelling and error-free. To help ensure that happens, we call upon Beth’s outstanding editing skills. To say that Beth has a knack for elevating the quality of your writing is an understatement because what she does takes more than knack—it takes expertise.

We’ve hired many editors over the years, and Beth is the first one who truly delivers top-quality results. Even our clients notice the difference, ‘Not sure what you guys did differently, but that last piece was excellent.’ The difference is Beth, and we can’t thank her enough for helping us uphold our high standards and desire to deliver excellence to our clients. From catching those pesky, hidden typos to providing editorial suggestions to enhance the quality of a message, Beth is a resource we’re happy to have in our corner.
— Michele Richardson, Inciteful Communications