Everybody needs an editor.

No matter what kind of content you write—websites, journal articles, blogs, marketing materials, even emails—a fresh set of eyes can almost always help you catch errors and identify ways to improve your message. Your writing is your handshake, your business card, your resume—if it’s polished, clear, and concise, it will have a monumental impact on every aspect of your business. If it’s done poorly, it can have a devastating effect on the way your readers, clients, and colleagues view your level of professionalism.

Studies suggest that up to fifteen percent of people who see errors in marketing and advertising materials will decide not to buy a product or service based on that single factor. Can you afford to lose that many potential customers, readers, and contacts? Probably not.

A good editor can be one of your most valuable tools for creating a positive image for yourself or your business. In today’s wired world, where almost everyone uses some form of writing—from blogs to eBooks to email campaigns—to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd, it’s more important than ever to make sure your story is as compelling as possible.

A writer's editor

I adore writers. I love surrendering to the power of your ideas, your confessions, your stories—joining you on the journey you’ve so painstakingly laid out for us, your dear readers. I understand that putting your words out there—sharing the rawest, purest expression of who you are—can be both thrilling and terrifying, and I love you for taking that leap of faith.

I love words. I love how they look, how they sound, how they feel, how they transport and transform us, leading us down untrodden paths of emotion, vision, and passion. I love how words can give us new ways to see ourselves, the world around us, and what it means to be human.

A lot of people think editing simply means “correcting.” Memories of blood-red ink scrawled across essays written from the depths of the angst-ridden teenage soul can cause a writer to approach editing with a combination of self-doubt and outright fear. Taking care of the technical details like grammar and punctuation are an important part of the editing process, but it’s only one component.

My greatest reward as an editor is being a writer’s partner, advocate, coach, cheerleader, and ultimate supporter. I love helping authors make their work as good as it can be—to help them refine their vision and stay true to their voice (and maybe even help them discover it in the first place)—by helping them clear out clutter and distractions, fine-tune their messages, and polish the rough edges to reveal the multifaceted brilliance of the gems they’ve created.

With the help of a great editor, your writing can be better than you ever imagined. I’ll be your coach, cheerleader, and ultimate supporter, even if that means giving you an occasional kick in the rear when you need it. Together, we’ll refine your vision and discover your unique voice. I’ll help you organize your content so it’s logical, clear, and structured well. I’ll polish and rewrite it to eliminate repetition and clunky wording, and I’ll take care of those pesky mechanical details like punctuation and grammar that publishers, readers (and your sophomore English teacher) are so passionate about.

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, contact me at beth.riley@bardamiss.com today.

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